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Welcome to Dwarven Bitmine. Always dreamt of having your own mine? To command your own miners? Your search ends here.

Dwarven Bitmine enables your to earn some Bitcoins while playing. How? Upon free registration you will have a small mine with one dwarve and one goldore. Get your dwarve to mine some gold for you. When you have enough resources you are able to spend it on new miners, more ores, new resources or extend the mining capabilities of your miners to earn more. Have enough of upgrading? Exchange your gold to Bitcoins and withdraw these directly to your wallet!

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25.03.2017 | Minor fix in investment game, Facebook page and adalso removed Details

Hey all the miners :) There are three things to announce.

There had been a minor bug in the investment games. It did not show how much gold is in the pool and how much the last user won. It is fixed now and everyone should be able to see how much is in the pool :)

We created a Facebook page. There are two main aspects why we did it. The first one is, that we would like to add Facebook Connect in a later time to make it possible for people to login using their Facebook accounts. I guess over time it will be also possbile to connect your account with the Facebook account in order to make login easier for you. The second aspect is, to reach out to more people in order to get more people playing our mining game :) If you would like to visit the Facebook page, just click on the button in the top right corner of your nav bar.

We had to remove adalso banners. It turns out that this ad network turned into a scam and has not been paying out other people. Besides that it started to show me NSFW banners. This is not acceptable and we don't want to support the scammer with more traffic. It's sad for us, because we had been close to the payout threshold and we won't get this now :(

Happy mining guys and have a good weekend :)

24.03.2017 | Troll price is moving with BTC price Details

Hey everyone, we adjusted the booster page and especially the troll price. Before that it was a fixed price and due to the increasing price of BTC it became useless. Mrcash gave us the hint to change it and now it is done. The prices changes with the BTC price in order to make it affordable for you.

21.03.2017 | Market, Upgrades and Top BTC Sites Details

A few updates after a longer break time.

Hey everyone, we are back after a longer break due to exams and other things with a few small updates.

The first one is for the market. As we introduced the market, users were able to put their stuff for sale and some other user could buy them. The problem was, that you could only buy the whole stash. What if you just need 10 out of 1000 iron? With the new update it is possible for you to buy a fraction of it :)

The second update changes the upgrade costs for goldores 2 - 5 and miners 2 - 15. We decided to reduce them by 10%. Yes, 10% on those upgrades. we hope it makes digging easier for you ;)

Last but not least you may have noticed the Top BTC Sites button right above the login. If you like our game and you enjoy playing it, we would be thankful if you could click on that button on vote for us. This might attract new players, which benefits everyone in the future :)

11.01.2017 | Dirty work - Collect more Gold Details

It is now possible to earn more gold using the dirty work feature. Earn up to 30 gold every 5 minutes. Collect it and collect again :)

09.01.2017 | New investment game with big money; Bot activity Details

We added another (ponzi) investment possibility with the possibility to put in more money. Feel free to use it ;) You will find it under the bulletin board tab - Skechty Investment (big).

We discovered that someone had been using a bot! This is against our rules. As soon we detect a user using a bot, the accounts get suspended. It is your duty to write to us and explain what exactly was going on there! Please do not use bots. This costs us time, time we could use to develope new features for you. We would like to spend the time into developing new things for the game.

06.01.2017 | Gold - Satoshi ratio changed Details

We had to change the gold to satoshi ratio today. This is due to the increasing price for btc. As we started in november 2016, 1 btc was at ~$711. When you check the charts today you are going to realize it is now more than $1100. This is the reason we had to change it.

We are going to add a variable ratio, which will automatically adjust itself according the btc to $ price.

UPDATE: We added a variable exchange ratio. Whenever you visit the exchange site, the new exchange ratio is calculated depending on the current price in $.

26.12.2016 | Status Details

A fresh new update right after christmas.

After spending a lot of time on developing new things and sorting out the ads problem, we are finally updating everything.

We had to change a lot of things in the code in order to be able to easly integrate new updates. We tested everything and we hope that it works everything without bugs. If there are any bugs, please let us now.

We fixed the login/logout problem. It turns out that adsoptimal was causing this problem whenever a desktop has been used. In order to fix this problem, we removed adsoptimal for desktop users and replaced it with other ads networks. There had been no problem while using mobile devices and that's why it will remain there. It took a long time to find the root of the problem.

We added the sketchy investment. You can find it under bulletin board. The rules are included. Don't hesitate to invest and win big ;)

We added also the news section here. All updates will be announced here and on the according bitcointalk.org thread.

We are going to continue our work and add a lot of new things. Keep patient and stay tuned :)

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